Type of work: Identity, Digital

Type of client: Arts & Culture

Oslo Philharmonic is an internationally renowned symphonic orchestra, comprising over 100 musicians and a history spanning more than a century. Each year they play 60–70 concerts in Oslo, in addition to an extensive international touring schedule.

Development: Værsågod
Identity animation: Øyedrops
Orchestra photos: Marco Borggreve

Refreshed identity

A new visual identity capable of reflecting their personality, with tools to meet current communication standards and needs. The delivery comprised brand strategy, a redesigned web page, identity and communication guidelines and templates for visual communication.

The colours of music

One of the main purposes of the rebrand was to appear more inclusive and open and better reflect the wonderful breadth in classical music. The new identity meets these requirements by providing an identity based on contrasts and harmony. The logo symbol is composed of contrasting shapes, with variants that allow variation and movement. Along with the two typefaces and an expressive colour palette, there is room for endless variation.

A wider reach

The identity is expressive and gives room for variation in communication – from understated elegance to direct and commercial messages. This makes it easier to reach both new and existing audiences, both local and internationally.