Visual identity for The National Museum

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The National Museum for Art, Architecture and Design houses Norway's most extensive collection of historical and modern art, design, handcrafts and architecture. It was divided into four different departments in various museum buildings in Oslo up until 2018. By 2020, these departments will gather under one roof. The museum will be Scandinavia's most significant and will be situated by the harbour, at the inner part of the Oslo fjord.

The new museum building

Architects Kleihues + Schuwerk designed the museum building, with the room space totalling 54,000 m². 13,000 m² of which is spread out over 92 exhibition halls. The museum's permanent exhibition comprises over 6000 works and objects from over 5,000 years of art, design and architecture from around the world. Aside from the main exhibition halls, the museum has two temporary exhibition halls, plus a vast art hall of 2700 m² for guest exhibitions. These will provide new exhibition opportunities for Norway and Scandinavia. There will also be a comprehensive library and archives section, study rooms and offices available for all museum employees.

The National Museum is an established institution with a public mandate and is state-owned and controlled by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture. The museum is more than just a venue for art, design and architecture. It also serves as an essential research, management and dissemination environment for each discipline. The museum shall, therefore, represent a broadness and diversity to the highest degree of the population.

New visual identity

Metric is developing the visual identity for all museum activities, inside and outside the building, physical and digital. We're also developing the museum signage and wayfinding in close collaboration with UK design agency Endpoint. The identity's primary role is to close the distance between the art and the audience. It will be unveiled in 2019 and gradually implemented towards the opening in 2020.

«The identity’s primary role is to close the distance between the art and the audience»


User: The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design
Building contractor: Statsbygg
Architect: Kleihues + Schuwerk
Exhibition design: Guicciardini & Magni
Identity design: Metric
Interior design: Kaels, and Cadi
Initiator: The Norwegian Ministry of Culture
Total area: 54,600 m²
Exhibition area: 13,000 m²
Completion: 2020